3D print Two stroke engine complete with internals (100% solidworks) model
categories: Rendering STEP / IGES STL
Two stroke engine based on the British designed JCB strimmer engine. This design can easily be modified for use on a chainsaw, hedge trimmer & many other petrol machinery. I've tried to make it as realistic as possible so all the internal components are present to the best of my knowledge, although there is room for improvement (the carburettor for instance). The design is the simplest two stroke engine available which is a Piston-controlled inlet port design. All mates are correct giving each moving part the appropriate degree's of freedom. There are a total of 51 separate parts, 15 sub-assembly's Step File included (although all the mates I created will be no good) All renders comments etc. Are welcome. Enjoy :D UPDATE 16/05/12 Redesigned the exhaust and shaped the fuel tank some more this latest revision is 'Revision A' UPDATE 21/06/12- Solidworks file removed due to member of the community taking my model removing my branding and re-uploading it as there own. you know who you are, shame on you.
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by Tom Kirkup CADT