3D print Kitchen design model
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Project Scenario A client has commissioned you to produce a series of virtual 2D scenes which will contain several 3D models within a suitable environment. The scenes will play a major role in the marketing of the company's products. Several still images of the scenes need to be created for the client. The client has requested that the scenes must show an artistic and creative flair suitable for marketing use. In order to do this you must consider the position and orientation of the models within the scenes together with professional and innovative use of materials, effects, lighting and camera positions. The subject on which to base this project was difficult at the beginning. It was eventually decided that a messy kitchen scene would be modelled to promote a new disinfectant cleaning product, using the software available and my limited knowledge of its use. Overall the project was both enjoyable and challenging. The advice and direction of a tutor had to be sought at various stages on some aspects of construction but mainly in respect of materials usage and lighting effects. A tutorial on the subject of lighting was downloaded from a web site but the menus it showed must have been from an earlier version of 3D Max and therefore of little help. The lighting and materials were applied to the scene through trial and error until the desired effects were satisfactory.
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by Iain Shields