3D print Iron man gloves model
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I'm taking an indefinite break from all CAD design at this point. Although I am going to be working on a much more tangible project. I'm planning on designing and building the Hacker Suit from Dead Space 2. Just in case you don't know what it looks like. I don't really have a reason to build it other than personal interest but it will come complete with the entire RIG as well as a "functional" plasma cutter weapon that will rotate automatically like in the video game. I may consider starting a blog about it so keep your eyes open. Now these are my own design, built from scratch. Probably not as movie accurate as they could be, but I think they're a pretty awesome compliment to the helmet, Iron Man Helmet Also, the gloves themselves probably won't look as pretty as they do in the picture, sorry about that, but I'm pretty sure nobody else on the internet has this design down perfectly or even at all, so I hope you enjoy it regardless!
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by Daniel Bonilla