3D print Iphone cover for engineers model
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Teenage Daughter: Dad, can you like umm design an Iphone cover for me? Me: Sure! I can do that :) Me: Measure, measure, click, click, zoom, rotate............... Teenage Daughter: Um forget it, you're taking forever I'll just buy some. Me: ?? :( Me: Idea! :D With everything going digital these days I started to think that current and future Engineering/Mechanical students are going to rely a lot on software to solve problems, it's happening now, I do it. When something new or something that we haven't done in a while in Engineering arises we always look for the easy/lazy way out, we either search the internet for an online calculator, software or look through the app store for a solution, but there's one thing missing, you can't touch it, feel it, assemble it, that's why I came up with, I believe, the first analogue Iphone app. You get this baby printed, you get a sense of achievement because you assembled it, you spin those little 1.25 module gears and admire it in awe. The gears have even and odd number of teeth just to make it that bit more challenging when working out ratios, it's a great visual to see what direction what gear is going in a gear train. You won't even have to turn on your phone and it still works. For the challenge it comes in white, feel free to come up with your own funky colour combination.........see! the fun never stops! Cheers! -Danny P.S. I thought the video was so corny that I had to upload it for a laugh :) ***************************Update 14 March 2013:***************************** - Renamed old file to Iphone_cover_eng_STL_old_4.zip this file has the original upload which only fits the iPhone 4. - Uploaded new file iPhone_4_4S_separated_SLS_FDM.zip which contains the whole assembly separated out to individual parts, the amendments are as follows. 1. Now fits iPhone 4 and 4S. 2. Re-modelled around the lens area. 3. Rivets increase in size. 4. Added more clearance in some areas to allow for printing tolerance. 5. Removed teeth numbering. 6. Contains two main body versions one for SLS printing and one for FDM. -Uploaded new file iPhone_4_4S_Assembly_SLS.stl purely for the 3d view feature. ***************************Update 18 April 2013:***************************** iPhone 5 version is now available at http://www.shapeways.com/shops/saurus
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by Danny Tasmakis