3D print Iphone 5 for case designers model
categories: Rhino STEP / IGES Rendering
Hi All, This is my first upload to the GrabCAD community. It's based on Apple's iPhone 5 official release drawings. I designed this for the purpose of designing cases / covers for the new iPhone. I didn't bother to model the Lightning connector port, instead choosing the model the housing of the plug, since you need to clear that when designing cases. Additionally, I modeled the keep away volume on the back. This keep away volume is in accordance to Apple's drawing, and is tapered and grows in distance from the phone's surface. In case you don't already know this, here's the link to Apple's officially released iPhone 5 drawing: https://developer.apple.com/resources/cases/dimensions/iPhone-5-dimensions.pdf Please let me know if you find any errors in my model.
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by Simon Kwan